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Closing gaps in access to care, coverage, and sexual health wellness throughout arkansas.


The once-daily pill, 99% effective in stopping the spread of HIV. Let us help you get access to PrEP without having to leave your home.

Sexual Health Screenings

It is our mandate to link as well as retain individuals in patient-centric pathways of care. Our services include offering on-site HIV and HCV screenings, HIV self-test kits and referrals for both STI, Tele-health, and PrEP navigation assistance.

Advocacy & Engagement

We engage in supporting and advocating for access to affordable healthcare. We understand the impact of the social and healthcare systems that often underserve our clients. Our goal is to utilize our resources to identify solutions to increase the quality of life of those we serve.

So what's the deal with PrEP?

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis is a crucial HIV prevention strategy for HIV-negative people. It involves a once-daily pill that is capable of reducing the risk of getting HIV by more than 90% when taken as prescribed. PrEP is FDA-approved, safe, and effective!

Who should use PrEP?

You may benefit from PrEP if you:

  • Don't use condoms consistently

  • Have a sexual partner that is HIV-positive (or whose HIV status you are unaware of)

  • Engage is anal or vaginal sex with multiple partners

  • Recently had another STD (chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphilis)

  • Engage in sex work that includes vaginal or anal sex

  • Have injected drugs, shared needles, or been in treatment for drug use in the past six months

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